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Workflow & Forms Automation – Change The Way You Do Business

One of the most overlooked areas for improving efficiencies in an organization is the FORM! Expense Reports, Timesheets, HR Forms, Position Requests, Capital Requests, Inspection Forms, Daily Reports, End of Month, and the list could go on and on. Most organizations are drowning in forms that are “automated” by putting a pdf copy out on their intranet so that it can be printed out, rescanned, and then emailed on to someone. This process is not only time consuming and cumbersome but it has almost no accountability and very little visibility into the status or allowance for reporting.

What if instead you could provide a much easier way to truly automate regular processes for your teams? If they could see the status of their forms? If information that is known by the system was prepopulated to avoid errors or drive consistency, process, and even control costs? Our years of experience in automating processes, building workflows, and integration with other line of business systems can define a system that works within your budget and technical experience level. Our partnership with companies like Nintex workflows means that we bring strong and affordable technologies right to you that can change the way you do business.​

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