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Breakpoint Technology is helping transform the way educators and students learn and interact by bringing the power of Microsoft’s Office 365 into the classroom. Check out our new webinar series to see it in action.

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What We Do

At Breakpoint Technology we focus on helping our customers find the right solutions

Whether it is updating an existing system or designing something brand new, Breakpoint Technology will be a partner throughout the entire process. Our relationship doesn’t end with the project, but will continue with ongoing support customized to our customer’s specific needs.

Our approach is always to start with understanding the business process and to review what technology options are already in play or available without rushing to push a prepared answer. We like to focus on the long term rather than the quick fix – which is why we selected the name “Breakpoint” – taking the time to pause and truly evaluate for the best solution.

Our Solution Offerings

How We Do It

Debug the Process

A breakpoint is an intentional stopping or pausing point that is used to debug – or find the problem – when coding. This pause is a cornerstone for what we bring to our customers.

Breakpoint Technology leverages this concept in our approach as we:

  • Understand the business problem before proposing a technical solution
  • Identify the source of problem and the root causes
  • Determine the possible, along with the necessary, changes
  • Refactor the business process for efficiency gains and long term supportability
  • Lean toward incremental changes over a big bang

Our team brings a wealth of experience working with Microsoft technologies and works hard for our customers’ success. Learn more about our team.

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